Monday, March 4, 2013

Paisley June!

I haven't done a full Paisley update since she turned two and it just doesn't feel right. For the last two years of her life, every time the end of the month comes around I wrote a blog post just for her. So here it is. She is  two years and two months old (or 26 months) and the happiest child I've ever met. I know, all moms say that. But really, she is.

She weighs between 24-26 pounds, depending on how much she has eaten that day. She is mainly in 2T clothes but still fits in all of her 18-24 months stuff from last summer as well. She is in a size 6 shoe and knows how to put them on all by herself. I feel like she hasn't grown much in the last year except her height and shoe size. She's a petite little thing.

As far as eating she is doing so much better. She knows what she likes but is a little more open to trying new things. Her favorites are pancakes, eggs & bacon, smoothies, cheerios with milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit, pb & j, turkey & cream cheese sandwiches and any kind of cracker. Typical toddler menu.

She is talking up a storm. Her sentences are becoming so clear, she is adding new words to her vocabulary daily and I am so proud of her. She loves to learn new things! She knows all of her colors and shapes and all the letters of her name plus a handful. She's also mastered just about every body part you can teach a toddler. Oh, and she constantly refers to herself as, "Paisy June."

She has known basic manners for a while now but I usually had to remind her. Well reminding her worked. She says please, thank you, excuse me, bless you and sorry every single time it is needed without fail. It is so adorable because whoever she is talking to she will add their name at the end.

I set up Dean's new bouncy seat so she wanted her old one out too.

I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times. She is the sweetest! She loves to give hugs and kisses, snuggle and tell me I have pretty hair all day long. On top of that she is super funny. She obviously got that from her dad, he's hilarious.

And she has the best hair ever!

Overall, this child has made my journey as her mom the easiest thing ever. I hear lots of mom's say that motherhood is the hardest job in the world and I seriously wouldn't know. I know, you're mumbling some choice names at me. But really, she's just an angel child.

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